Chapter Three: BRAG Town

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For Our City: BRAG Town, BRAG invited a number of artists and architects familiar with Bathurst to be guest contributors. They #TakeAMoment to consider how the town could look differently in this re-imagination and re-thinking.

  • Graham Lupp

    Graham Lupp

    Back to the IsoChronicles A few years ago I was talking to esteemed local historian Dr Robin McLachlan in Kings
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  • Rosie Deacon

    Rosie Deacon

    Back to the IsoChronicles The inspiration for this site specific public artwork is the topography of the Bathurst area and
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  • Tracy Sorenson

    Tracy Sorenson

    Back to the IsoChronicles     Here is the Magic Bathurst Tree, commonly known as an MBT. It’s both deciduous
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  • Karen Golland

    Karen Golland

    Back to the IsoChronicles   Mad Honey sculptures Mad Honey is a large-scale sculpture designed for installation in unlikely places.
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  • Tom Buckland

    Tom Buckland

    Back to the IsoChronicles   Gasworks Hermit, 2020, digital collage "The abandoned gasworks lies on the industrial edge of Bathurst,
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  • Greg Hyde

    Greg Hyde

    Back to the IsoChronicles     The Bathurst Half Pyramid (right)"Unlike the Louvre Pyramid this is a half pyramid to
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