Art in a Suitcase

Bawden smallerMcmillan - FinalSelwood - Final

The Art in a Suitcase initiative began just over four years ago when the Gallery was looking to extend its education programs into projects which make art readily accessible to young people across the Bathurst Region. With the visionary support of Country Energy we were able to realise the Art in Suitcase project.

BRAG recognises the challenges that many schools are facing with regard to rising transport costs. The distances between schools and cultural institutions in regional areas often makes it impossible for parents and teachers to provide students access to original works of art.

BRAG is passionate about bringing young people into contact with "the real thing", and supporting artists from our region in the process. The result is Art in a Suitcase - seven sculptures by seven regional artists, delivered direct to regional schools.

The seven artists represented are: Lionel Bawden, Mary Douglas, Ian Marr, Christine MacMillan, Paddy Robinson, Hui Selwood and Valerie Stuart.





IMAGES (L to R): Lionel Bawden Heart  2008, Staedtler pencils, epoxy and linseed oil. Christine McMillan To Be Worn 2008, echidna spines and linen thread. Hui Selwood Remi Garcia 2005, pigmented, oiled steel.