HEAVY METAL: Small Sculpture from the Permanent Collection Education Kit



This Education Kit has been prepared by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery to accompany HEAVY METAL: Sculpture from the Permanent Collection exhibition.

It is intended to assist primary and secondary students and teachers in their understanding and enjoyment of the exhibition and later the small sculpture collection. The Kit has been designed within the structure of BRAG's current website.



Throughout the Kit, the following icons have been used to help identify the type of question or action:

pra disc res net vid
Practice Discussion Research Web Link Video Link


Website Links – Most of the questions in the Kit have website links to other online media outside of the BRAG site. These links are in red.

Glossary Links - There are links throughout the Kit that connect to the Glossary page. These links are also in red.



HEAVY METAL: Sculpture from the Permanent Collection originated as an exhibition which showcased a curated group of works from BRAG's small sculpture collection. From the outset the rationale focused on works which explored abstraction and were predominately constructed from metal. The second element of this exhibition was the creation of an education kit and an in house activity station.

As the exhibition took shape, it became clear that the information panels for the sculptures and their artists were weaving a narrative that traversed the growth of sculpture in Australia post 1960s. This is the context in which the education kit and the exhibition now inhabit.

Click here to view the introduction text for HEAVY METAL: Sculpture from the Permanent Collection