b. 1948

His sculpture is very much an extension of his paintings, and Amor continues his exploration of landscape and the human condition in his three-dimensional works. Eugene Barilo v. Reisberg


Amor. Chris Beck 2008

Rick Amor (born Victoria 1948) has been a quiet presence in the Australian art scene for more than 30 years. In 1965 he completed a Certificate of Art at the Caulfield Institute of Art and from 1966 to 1968 studied at the National Gallery School, Melbourne.

An equally talented painter and sculptor, Amor is perhaps better known for his paintings. Since the early 1990’s, Amor has ‘blown hot and cold with sculpture’, creating mostly bronze figures which he moulds in his studio and then sends to a foundry to finish the process. In 2007 Amor’s sculpture Relic won the prestigious McClelland Award for Sculpture, placing him firmly within the ranks of Australia’s best sculptors.H AMOR R. a

His works all deal with the concepts of mortality and the human condition, many bordering on the edge of melancholy. He favours lone solitary figures usually coupled with stark skeletal trees like those in Man in Landscape (included in this exhibition).

Amor shows annually at Niagara Galleries and has had over 50 solo exhibitions to date. Perhaps the most important exhibition of his bronze sculptures was undertaken by Benalla Art Gallery in 2002, including many maquettes never previously exhibited.

Rick Amor lives and works in Melbourne. He is represented by Niagara Galleries, Melbourne and Liverpool St Gallery, Sydney.











After watching the video on the Lost wax method of casting, design your own clay form.





Research the history of bronze as a material.











After watching the video on the Lost wax method of casting, design your own clay form and mold.





Use this quote as a starting point to explore the idea of artistic influences. The sculptures are executed in black patinated bronze from clay or alabaster molds. The artist’s finger marks, as he pushed and shaped the malleable medium, have been preserved in the casts. In this sense, the ghost of Auguste Rodin haunts this gallery, though some of his human and canine figures approach the attenuated silhouettes of Alberto Giacometti. Eugene Barilo v. Reisberg





Many draw direct comparisons between Amor’s sculptural style and that of the great Alberto Giacometti. Select two works from both artists and prove or disprove this statement.




IMAGES: Portrait: Rick Amor in his studio. Photo: Chris Beck. Rick Amor Man in Landscape c. 2005. bronze. 50 x 50 x 20 cm. Gift of Danny Goldberg under the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program. Photo: Mark Ashkanasy