James Capper: Mark Maker

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8 December- 28 January 2017

James Capper: Mark Maker presents the work of pioneering young British artist James Capper whose practice adopts the materials and processes of engineering to create mobile sculptures that walk, crawl and move across the earth.  At the heart of the exhibition are two major sculptural works that recently joined the artist in an ambitious residency in Broken Hill, along with a suite of drawings from the artist's 'Earth Marking' division.

Curated by Edward Campbell.  



IMAGES: HYDRA SHUFFLE II with 2 SHOVEL TYPE TEETH, 145 x 50 x 190 cm, SHOWEL TOOTH SLEDGE for HYDRA SHUFFLE II, 65 x 44 x 112 cm and HYDRA STEP with 4 STEP TYPE TEETH and 4 GRIPPER TYPE TEETH, 137 x 65 x 200 cm,