Threads Through Art: Australian Tapestries


Tapestry William Robinson

Threads Through Art: Australian Tapestries is a celebration of Australian art through the tapestry medium. Swiss architect and artist Le Corbusier (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret) famously described tapestries as murals of our time with the advantage being portable. Enthusiasm for the tapestry medium emerged in Australia through exposure from touring exhibitions such as Contemporary French Tapestry (1956), Aubusson Tapestries (1966), 17th & 18th Century French Tapestries (1971) and, most recently, The Lady and the Unicorn (2018). Artists including Margo Lewers, John Coburn, Arthur Boyd, Sidney Nolan and Charles Blackman collaborated with weavers and tapestry workshops in France and Portugal.

Since its inception in 1976, the Australian Tapestry Workshop (formerly the Victorian Tapestry Workshop) and its talented weavers have collaborated with numerous highly regarded Australian artists, transforming their artworks into thread. A selection including Richard Larter, Janet Laurence, Ginger Riley Munduwalawala, Nell, David Noonan, John Olsen, William Robinson, Gareth Sansom, Luke Sciberras, Arlene Textaqueen and John Wolseley feature in this survey.

This exhibition is developed with Australian Tapestry Workshop and will feature tapestries from public and private collections across Australia.

A BRAG exhibition curated by Emma Collerton 





Image: WILLIAM ROBINSON | VICTORIAN TAPESTRY WORKSHOP weavers: Andrea May, Hannah Rother, Tim Gresham and Grazyna Bleja, Creation landscape: Darkness and light 1991, woollen tapestry, 224.5 x 300.5 cm, Art Gallery of New South Wales Collection, Margaret Hannah Olley Art Trust 1997, © Australian Tapestry Workshop