Harrie Fasher: Weighted

reduced Harrie Fasher Their screams penetrate Steelrod mesh and wire cement ash hessian and twine 33x44x17.5cm



27 March - 28 June 2020


In this exhibition Portland-based artist Harrie Fasher presents explorations in concrete, steel and bronze. Renown for her large three-dimensional steel line structures, the addition of concrete and bronze depict mass and weight. The sculptures are the response Fasher made after touring historical WWI battlefields in France and Belgium in 2017. Like the materials, the subject matter is heavy and cumbersome; the horror of WWI is conveyed leaving the viewer confronted by the reality of war.

Harrie Fasher is represented by King Street Gallery on William, Sydney. 


A BRAG Foyer Space Exhibition


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Image: Their screams penetrate, 2017, Steel (rod, mesh and wire), cement, ash, hessian and twine, 33 x 44 x 17.5 cm