STIRRING THE ASH: Euan Macleod and Andrew Merry

Andrew Merry Fire figure Euan Macleod no2 websized Acrylic on linen 215 x 135cm


Stirring the ash: Euan Macleod and Andrew Merry

Saturday 5 June – Sunday 25 July 2021

Stirring the ash is a collaboration between painter Euan Macleod and photographer Andrew Merry. The series is set in the liminal landscape of Napoleon Reef, near Bathurst. Macleod and Merry’s synergetic collaboration is a many-layered journey not only into the natural world but also into the nature of image-making. The elemental, complex narrative of fire is acknowledged and explored as both a destructive and creative force in the Australian landscape.

This multimedia exhibition acts as a portal into the otherworldly imagination of Macleod’s iconic figurative landscapes. Macleod’s paintings are reimagined and transformed, through Merry’s lens, into the medium of photography, video and performance. Macleod becomes an actor in the theatre of Merry’s photographs. The end-result is a combined body of work that is both cataclysmic and quietly reflective, that blazes, flickers and glows.

Wellington-based poet Gregory O’Brien—author of the 2010 monograph Euan Macleod—the painter in the painting-- adds another layer to the exhibition with his text Written in ash, which brings together memories of the artist’s studio, landscapes he has travelled through with Macleod, and meditations on both the photographer’s and the painter’s art.

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Image:  Andrew Merry Fire figure (Euan Macleod) no. 2 2018, pigment print. Courtesy of the artist. 
Euan Macleod Figures across fire 2019, acrylic on linen. Courtesy of the artist and King Street Gallery on William, Sydney.