KARLA DICKENS: Mother’s Little Helpers

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KARLA DICKENS: Mother’s Little Helpers

13 July - 18 September 2021


In February 2019, Lismore-based Wiradjuri artist Karla Dickens was invited to collaborate with Bruce Pascoe as part of a project called An Artist, A Farmer & a Scientist Walk into a Bar. The project was initiated by the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation, an organisation committed to supporting creative practices that respond to cultural change across a broad range of disciplines. The work that Dickens and Pascoe produced, Mother’s Little Helpers, focused on the urgent need to protect and conserve the land and to cease the many destructive practices that are threatening our environment.

Dickens’ first exhibited Mother’s Little Helpers at Brisbane’s Andrew Baker Art Dealer in 2019. She recently gifted the entire exhibition to Bathurst Regional Art Gallery under the Cultural Gifts Program.

Of Mother’s Little Helpers, Dicksen wrote:

“As Indigenous Australians we connect with County and refer to the planet as Mother Earth. Recently a small group of First Nation Adults and children from different parts of Australia gathered in Bingara NSW to creative a visual story. Our short film speaks of our concerns and the importance of healing ‘The Mother’ with the help of our youth, who are our future and our only hope. Known and respected for his great words Uncle Bruce Pascoe will not speak in this film - it is the as viewers responsibly to look hard, learn quick and listen deeply. What will you see? What act will you take?”




Images: Karla Dickens, Mother’s little helpers II 2019, inkjet print on paper, Mother Earth Country 2019, mixed media on cloth, seven components, Mother’s little helpers III 2019, inkjet print on paper, Gift of the artist 2021. Donated through the Australian Government's Cultural Gift Program.