Fabrice Cazenave: The Garden of Shadows

12 APRIL– 2 JUNE 2019


The Garden of Shadows is a collection of work developed during Fabrice Cazenave’s six-week residency at Murrays Cottage as the inaugural French Artist in Residence (FAR) in Hill End in 2018. Based on the allegory of Plato’s Cave, Cazenave made large charcoal drawings on canvas of the shadows of the cottage as well as drawings made with closed eyes, using the ‘conscious perception of touch’. The resulting works question our relationship to reality and truth, and portray a kind of sensitive world, an underworld perhaps, where meanings are reversed and hidden.

The FAR / Hill End program is a joint initiative between BRAG and the French Consulate, Sydney.


Click here to visit Fabrice Cazenave's website with images from the exhibition The Garden of Shadows


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IMAGE: Fabrice Cazenave at work. Photo: JM Leven