CHESTER NEALIE: Etched in Fire

2021 03 20 Image of Chester in workshop IMG 0140 Joel  EiF p243 Bottle 2000 photo IanHobbs ChesterNealie 2012 119  EiF p186 Vase 2002 photo YukiSatoNZ CN4 15NOV13 002  EiF p279 Bottle 2014 photo IanHobbs ChesterNealie 2012 90     


Chester Nealie: Etched in Fire 

5 June – 25 July 2021 

Over six decades, the charismatic New Zealand-born, Gulgong-based master potter Chester Nealie has amassed a wealth of scientific and technical knowledge of the clay and glazes he uses in his pursuit of aesthetics through the making of his woodfired ceramics.

This survey charts his career and will show works by Frank Boyden (US); Barry Brickell and Richard Parker (NZ); and Peter Rushforth, Alan Peascod, Owen Rye, Janet Mansfield and Ivan McMeekin (Australia).

Nealie is represented in numerous collections, including Musée National de Céramique, Paris; National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; Christchurch Art Gallery; Te Papa National Museum of New Zealand, Wellington; Art Gallery of Ballarat; and Bathurst Regional Art Gallery.

A BRAG Exhibition curated by Jan Irvine-Nealie






Image: Chester Nealie in his studio at Goanna Ridge holding his first pot 2020. Photo: Joel Tonks. Chester Nealie, Bottle 2000, wood-fired white stoneware, celadon glaze, carbon inclusion and shell, 31cm high. Photo: Ian Hobbs. Chester Nealie, Vase 2002, wood-fired stoneware with shino slip, 21cm high. Photo: Yuki Sato. Chester Nealie, Bottle 2014, wood-fired stoneware with manganese and iron over shino slip, salt glazed and resist decoration, 22cm high. Photo: Ian Hobbs.