DARK: Steven Cavanagh & Wendy Sharpe

 Self Portait with Ghosts W Sharpe oil on Canvas 154x122cms6901 Lo Res         websized MG 9412 A   


DARK: Steven Cavanagh & Wendy Sharpe

Saturday 10 April – Sunday 30 May 2021


Steven Cavanagh and Wendy Sharpe have been friends for a decade. Their work can be viewed as a dialogue between two artists who explore the drama of light and dark within different mediums. Steven, a photographer, and Wendy, an acclaimed painter, respectively observe light with an emotional intensity and a fascination of the visual play of light and dark referred to as Chiaroscuro.

DARK emerged from discussions that led to ruminations on life, what can and can’t be seen providing a psychological space, the void, fear and the unknown. DARK investigates the reciprocity of light, the way light describes a subject and how light is contained and given meaning through the darkness around it.

"We see this use of darkness in our work as a physical and psychological space that speaks to the human condition and the artists' experience."

Here BRAG will be transformed as a culmination of two exhibitions that become one in this collaboration of individual artistic expression and investigation that extends beyond the frame.

Steven Cavanagh is an artist and curator who has travelled extensively having lived and worked in Perth, London, Sydney and Hill End in a desire to broaden his art practice, career and most importantly life. Steven is now living in Hill End and works within photography, moving image and more recently installation and performance. In addition to the exploration of DARKness, Steven’s work can at times be political with reference to his own experiences and relationship to the natural world. Themes within Steven’s work pertain to the physical and psychological landscape of masculine identity, vulnerability and loss.

Steven has a BFA, Hons, MFA in Photomedia. He is a lecturer at the National Art School and the Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney. He has been an artist in residence at Hill End and the Corridor Project, Cowra and his works are held in gallery and private collections in Australia and overseas.

Wendy Sharpe is acclaimed as one of Australia’s most significant and awarded artists. She has won the Archibald Prize, the Portia Geach Memorial Prize (twice) and the Sulman Prize. She has received many major commissions which include Australian Official Artist to East Timor, the first woman to do so since World War II. Wendy is known for her strong figurative paintings, her use of narrative and a sensuous use of paint. She is the quintessential romantic painter, uncompromising, dedicated and unconcerned by fad or fashion. Her work addresses timeless issues such as love, passion, human relationships and what it is like to live in the world, subjects rarely expressed today in contemporary art. Wendy Sharpe’s work is based on drawing and imagination, made from intuition and experience. Her obvious understanding of drawing, composition and paint itself mean that she is often described as the painter’s painter.

Wendy lives and works in Sydney and Paris and her paintings are in the collections of major cultural Institutions and private collections around the World.

A BRAG exhibition.

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Images L to R: 
WENDY SHARPE Self portrait with ghosts oil on linen, 154 x 122cm. Courtesy of the artist and King Street Gallery on William, Sydney.

STEVEN CAVANAGH I cannot change what I won’t acknowledge from the series Dark Corner 2014, inkjet print on Platine fibre rag, 75 x 110cm. Courtesy of the artist.