ANOTHER WORLD: Colin Fenn & Karin Smith

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ANOTHER WORLD: Colin Fenn & Karin Smith

31 July - 18 September 2021


Bathurst based artists Colin Fenn and Karin Smith have been collaborating for over a decade, both working within sculpture and bronze casting. Each artist has developed their own unique style and approach to figurative bronze; an artistic tradition stretching back thousands of years.

Beginning with an initial wax sculpture, the artists share a trip to a Sydney-based industrial foundry, where the sculpture is prepared for replication. The sculpture is first coated in a ceramic layer and the wax melted out, creating a ‘lost-wax’ mould into which the hot, liquid bronze is poured. Once cleaned up, the artists polish and sometimes patina the sculpture, by applying a chemical solution with a flame torch or applied as a cold liquid, to add colour and age to the metal.

Fenn’s whimsical fantasy characters and intricately decorated armour are relics from an imaginary world, presenting a humorous interpretation of real-world mythology with elements of history. In contrast, Smith’s expressive studies of the human form put her own twist on the tradition of classical figurative statues, instead choosing to depict casual, imperfect poses of ordinary people.

Together, the human figures mingle with the mischievous creatures, creating a collision of worlds which allude to narratives and suggest conversations for the viewer’s interpretation.

A BRAG Foyer exhibition.


Images: COLIN FENN Two Baby Dragons silicone bronze, 20 x 13 x 10cm, 21 x 18 x 16 cm, Courtesy of the artist. KARIN SMITH The Conversation 7 x 10 x 8 cm, Courtesy of the artist.