Photo Editing Tutorials


To get you prepared for entering into Pictures of You we have compiled a list of a few handy online video and article based tutorials and some suggested editing programs (for smartphones and computers) to get you shooting some stellar black and white (greyscale) photography.


Tutorials, hints and tips

Below is a video by Jamie Windsor, a London based photographer, who provides nine tips for black and white (greyscale) photography, and how it is different to colour. Tip eight about ‘emphasising mood’ is particularly helpful for portrait photography and how capturing the subject’s eyes is important for this.


Click here to view an article with a few tips on what to consider when taking greyscale images for black and white including how to create some moody images by using environmental elements and effects such as fog and mist, rain and snow as well as the time of day you are are shooting – golden hour light (shortly after sunrise or before sunset, when the light is golden).


Photographing in black and white

When photographing with either your phone or digital camera, you should be able to change the settings to photograph in black and white (greyscale) automatically if you like.

For a digital camera, this function is usually found in the menu/options or image options, you usually can select either ‘colour’ or ‘black and white’.

For phone photography, you can apply a ‘filter’ in the camera settings.

For iPhones this can be seen via the below video


Photo editing programs for smartphones

For editing photographs to black and white on a phone or tablet/iPad there are many apps available, we would recommend the following two (both are free): Adobe PhotoShop Express (Android or iOS) or Snapseed (Android or iOS).

A good video overview and tutorial for the Adobe PhotoShop Express app can be seen below:

Some advanced editing techniques in Snapseed, including dodge and burn, masking and editing curves, can be seen in this video:

 Click here to go through to a written tutorial for Snapseed.


Photo editing programs for computer

Windows and Macs come with a free program called ‘Photos’ which can be used to edit photos from colour to black and white. This is generally done by using ‘filters’ or by reducing the colour or saturation in the image adjustments.
For Mac Photos tutorial click here
For Windows 10 Photos tutorial click here

If you don't have the above options, or would like to use a more advanced photo editor, there is a free image editing software program called GIMP. Below you'll find links to download the program plus some tutorials.
To download GIMP click here
The GIMP website contains a number of tutorials which can be found by clicking here
For a tutorial on converting colour images to black and white on GIMP click here
A video tutorial for editing images in GIMP can be seen below



 There are other computer software programs for editing images, though most of them you have to buy such as Adobe PhotoShop.



We hope you've found this is a list of suggested videos, websites and programs helpful. Please note this is not a comprehensive resource of the tutorials on editing photographs in black and white available on the internet, there are many blog posts, articles, videos and workshops available online that can be found by searching online.