Public Art Program Committee

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Established in August 2020, the Bathurst Public Art Program Committee (PAPC) aims to:
• Assist Council to meet the policy objectives of its Public Art Policy;
• Support the development of public art works that contribute to the ‘sense of place’ and identity of Bathurst and of public spaces across the whole region;
• Support the development of public art works that contribute to the contemporary interpretation and expression of the history and cultural values of a people and place across the Bathurst Region;
• Support the development of public art works that provide an important mechanism to encourage creativity, innovation and capacity-building within the Bathurst arts community;
• Review third party public art proposals (public land) as required;
• Identify suitable sources of funding and investment strategies for public art development;
• Advocate for public art elements to be incorporated into private and public sector building development projects.

The composition of the PAPC is currently comprised:
• Cr Margaret Hogan
• Alan Cattermole, Director Cultural & Community Services
• Janet Bingham, Manager Strategic Planning
• Sarah Gurich, Director, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
• Dr Tracey Callinan, CEO, Arts OutWest (Community Peer)
• Dr Peter Wilson, Artist and Educator (Community Peer)
• Dr Kate Smith, Creative Producer (Community Peer)

Community Peer Committee members are selected from the Bathurst Public Art Community Register and appointed to the PAPC based on:
• An appreciation and understanding of art in the public domain;
• Experience in working with community and community groups;
• Background, experience or demonstrated interest in public and/or visual arts;
• Living in, or having strong connections to, the Bathurst LGA;
• Commitment to EEO, WH&S, risk management, environmental protection and ethical principles.





Stephen Hart Conversation 1988, carved sandstone, commissioned by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery Society Inc. Photo: David Roma.